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Fashion, as you know, goes in a circle, so that in time, almost everything comes back. Read more at This season’s popularity was gained by such hairstyle as the tail with a comb, which was fashionable in the 60s. It looks great on long and medium hair, and a short haircut allows you to give a stylish volume.

Who’s gonna get a haircut

The combed strands tend to lengthen the face a little bit, so the high variant is most suitable for women with a round face, and the owners of the oval shape is recommended to make a small comb. The result also depends on the type and length:

  • Short. On very short hairstyles such as pixies or garsons, it is not possible to make a complete hairstyling.
  • Medium. For beautiful styling it is enough to have a carriage up to the chin, and the tail can be made using studs and applied curls.
  • Long. Very long hair can be too heavy to give volume, so you can only lift it at the roots on the top, and the ends of the twist to get an elegant tail.
  • Curly. By nature, curly strands need to be carefully combed one by one, and at the end be sure to smooth the brush.
  • Curly ones. Curls already look voluminous, so it is enough to raise a part of hair over the forehead, and then tie the tail.
  • Straightforward. Best suited for volume creation and further styling.
  • Rare. The hair will visually give the hair the missing volume.

The tail with a comb looks great when cutting with a side bangs – it emphasizes the volume and gives the look depth and greater expressiveness. Straight bangs look a little bit strict, but it can be corrected by placing the straps side by side and fixing them with gel or hairpin.

Creation of hairstyles

What do you need

Laying is easy and requires a minimum of items.

It is necessary for combing:

  • Frequent toothed combing, preferably thin and with a needle for more convenient strand separation.
  • A brush with natural bristles to give the styling a complete look.
  • Spray designed to make the hair soft
  • Foam, mousse, or fixation varnish. Do not use too strong products, otherwise you may get unnatural results.

You will need it for the tail:

  • Thin rubber bands for fixing.
  • Invisible or small hairpins: these will be useful to hide the disobedient short eddies and keep the necessary volume.
  • Decorative rubber bands, combs, hairpins, ribbons are used to decorate your hair, so they are not necessary.

Execution technique

Before you make a tail with your hair on it, wash your heads. It’s best to use a “volume shampoo” and dry your hair with a hair dryer.

  • Separate the strand on the top of the head that will be used to create volume.
  • Make your hair neat and smooth. If you have medium hair length: move from the roots to the middle, if it’s long: make a comb at the very roots.
  • Using a soft brush, adjust the shape. It should be smooth and semi-circular. You can do without a comb to simulate styling with your fingers, so you can get a more natural hairstyle.
  • Use the invisible brush to fix your hair to the back of your head.
  • Apply the fixation varnish.
  • Collect the remaining hair at the correct height and fix it with a rubber band. It can be hidden underneath a separate strand: to make it lie down better, screw it up a little bit beforehand.
  • If desired, you can twist or pull the tail with an iron, weave a braid and decorate it with ribbon or thread with sparkling stones or pearls.

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