How to take care of gray hair?

Some of you decide to wear gray hair with dignity without masking it. To be in harmony with gray strands, take advantage of our tips for proper care.So, what to do about frizzy gray hair?

Gray hair has a different structure from the rest of the hair. “Hair loses pigments over time. That is why he turns gray. ” Hair can begin to turn gray at 25 or 40. Age is not the reason for this process, your heredity plays the main role.

Be aware that gray hair is most often dry and fine. “This does not mean that the texture of your hair changes immediately, it takes a certain amount of time. It is very difficult to notice such a change, because gray hair is usually mixed with hair of your natural color. ” Therefore, there is no need to change your hair styling habits.

As soon as there are more gray hairs than natural hairs, special care is needed. “When you have only 10-15% of gray hair on your head, you can continue your usual hair care. However, when gray hair becomes 60-70%, a new method of caring for your hair should be developed. “

If your hair is thick and dry, use a moisturizer to soften the strands. “From time to time, you need to use a shampoo or bleach for your hair to revitalize your hair and avoid discoloration of your strands. Wash your hair shampoo for gray hair once a month”. For the rest of the time, use products that suit your hair type.

Our tip: After a certain age, short haircuts and bobs are considered ideal for women who want to stay true to fashion trends. Perhaps this is a subjective opinion, but gray hair shows itself in all its glory in haircuts “under the boy”.

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