How to make large curls

Hair hairstyles with large curls – a perfect solution for everyday and solemn image. There are many ways to do hair with curls at home. And the speed of creation of hairstyles and the form of a curl will depend on the chosen tool.

Using one of the proposed options, you will learn to create romantic waves, passionate curls, frivolous curls and elegant curls.

Preparing for laying

No matter how you plan to make large curls, you need to wash your hair beforehand.

For any hairstyle, you’ll need a thin comb to separate the strands and clamps to hold the extra hair. Fixing products such as foam, mousse, varnish. If you plan to use a rag, iron, hairdryer or thermo-mobilegoodie, be sure to use brake protection. Brushing – the brush will be useful to give you volume.

Ways to create large curls

With an iron.

Although this tool is intended for straightening, it can also be used to create spectacular curls. The wider the iron is, the larger the curls will be.

  1. Start a facial curl. Use a thin comb to remove the rest of the hair and stab the rest of it so it doesn’t interfere.
  2. Put the strand at the roots a few centimetres away, then turn the iron slightly and sink smoothly to the tip of the strand. To avoid damaging the hair structure and leaving no cracks. Do not squeeze the iron too hard.

After the hair is ready, spray it with lacquer. To increase the volume and waviness of your curls, first whisk your hair with your fingers or gently brush it with a brush.

The important thing is that the slower you iron your hair, the cooler the shape of the curl – by experimenting a little, you can determine the optimal time.

With the help of a float.

Making beautiful large curls flat is easy if you follow the technology:

  1. Separate the small strands: this will give the curls optimal shape and elasticity.
  2. Fill from root to tip, so that the waves are smooth, without bending.
  3. In most cases, you need a large lath: 28 to 33 mm is the optimum diameter for medium sized curls, 38 mm and larger for volumetric hair.

Once the hairstyle is ready, apply a fixing agent to prevent the strands from sticking and deforming.

An important nuance: to keep the styling in shape for a longer period of time, secure the waved strands invisibly. Let the strands cool down and remove them.

With the help of bigwigs.

Bigudi is a good way to get big curls without damaging them. It’s also a great alternative to chemistry. Before you start laying, you need to master the roll-on technology.

  • Use clips to divide the hairline into several parts: the neck, top and sides. Or use our schemes.
  • Start with the parietal part, then do the occipital, temporal and lateral parts.
  • Separate the strand not wider than a curler with a thin comb, brush it.
  • Keep the strand stretched perpendicular to the head so that the individual hairs do not slip out.
  • First, gently twist the tip of the buckle, then start wrapping the rollers inside. Close the hair roller as close to your head as possible and lock it in place.
  • When all the hair has been twisted, dry it with a hairdryer or wait for it to dry, and in the case of a thermal curler, let it cool down.
  • Gently remove the rollers, spray them with varnish and proceed with further styling.

The shape of the curlers depends on the type of curlers selected:

Velcro is the best type of curler for soft and elastic curls, and the laying of the curl lasts as long as possible. Velcro are suitable for all types of hair, except for thick hair, and do not cause any harm. Wrapped around wet strands: you can dry the hair dryer or wait for it to dry itself.

Thermal curlers are preheated, then screwed on to dry and clean hair with thermal protection. Hold the rollers until they cool down completely and then gently remove them. The curls are smooth and shiny, but do not last very long. This kind of curler is not suitable for soft and thin hair.

Boomerangs are ideal for night use. Large-diameter curlers allow you to weave large curls, while small curls allow you to get smaller curls. The curls are suitable for all hair types, create a natural effect and the resulting hairstyle lasts as long as possible. Cover your hair with a handkerchief to prevent the curler from unwinding and slipping out individual strands.

The “magic” spiral rollers are suitable for all hair types. They are a spiral-shaped cover into which wet buckles are pulled with a hook wand. You can wait until the hair dries on its own and take the desired shape, and it will last as long as possible. You can also speed up the process by using a hair dryer. You can’t sleep in a curler – there will be broken curls.

Velvet rollers are equipped with a special coating, which prevents confusion and damage to the hair, and when removing – pulling hair. The large diameter of these rollers is optimal to make large curls on long hair. Well kept in shape.

Plastic curlers differ from the rest by the presence of special clamps, so to fix them on your own, you need skill. As a result, the waves are soft and voluminous. The resulting hairstyle retains its shape for a long time.

Plastic rollers differ from the rest by the presence of special clips, so to fix them on your own, you need skill. The result is soft and voluminous waves. The resulting hairstyle retains its shape for a long time.

Recommendations for creating hairstyles

In order to get the perfect shape of the curls, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the hair and its length.

  • Short hair is difficult to produce large curls, but you can create light curls and waves that look even more interesting than a classic curl. For this purpose, use lacquer or mousse, but in small quantities, to avoid the effect of needles.
  • The medium length allows you to experiment with your hairstyles. Medium curls look better on it. On the other hand, it is much easier to restore the shape of curls at medium length if they have blossomed during the day: just collect the bundle for a while and then dissolve it again. Use a brush for volume waves and a more natural look.
  • Larger curls of long hair need to be fixed, otherwise the hair will just sit under its own weight.

Whichever way you choose to create curls, don’t neglect thermal protection and styling products, because only healthy and undamaged hair looks really beautiful and attractive.

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