Hair biolamination

Hair bio-lamination procedure improves hair condition almost instantly. After treatment, the curls become obedient, silky and shiny.

What is it?

The essence of the method is to apply a composition to the hair that seals the sliced ends of the hair and smoothes the scales. This makes the hair shining and alive along its entire length. The permeable film protects the curls from aggressive sunlight, low temperatures, hard water and exhaust gases in the street and keeps the moisture inside.

There are two kinds of procedures. Transparent biolamination improves the appearance of hair, making it healthy and falling apart. It is recommended to do it after dyeing: it prevents washing out of the dye.

Colour is an alternative colouring technique. It can be used to quickly improve the condition of strands and give them one of 20 shades.

Bilolamination is shown to the owners of fine and long hair that looks lifeless. It will transform dry curls, exhausted by irons, hair dryers, perms. The curls will not be straightened, but will become more well-groomed.

After the hair session:

  • They’ll be up to 10% more volume with extra film;
  • They will be more manageable and flexible even without styling products;
  • Will get rid of stratifying tips;
  • Will please with live shine and smooth texture.

The effect of lamination is maintained from 3 to 6 weeks depending on the subsequent care, means, correct application.

This method has no contraindications. Even pregnant and lactating women can do hair biolamination at home.

In the salon or at home?

A session at a hairdresser’s will cost from 50 to 100 dollars. You can buy the same biolamination kit as the one used in the salons. All professional tools are available in specialized online stores.

Popular ready-made compositions

Lebel Cosmetics

Original products of Japanese ancestor Lebel Cosmetics have no fragrances, contain only organic components: orange oil, cypress oil, algae extract, honey, wheat proteins and silk. They are rich in vitamins and amino acids.The result lasts 4-6 weeks.


The Russian brand ESTEL produces iNeo-Crystal kits, which include the following products for biolamination: shampoo preparation, nano gel for damaged hair, fixing lotion and serum-polymer. Each of these items contains nutrients. A keratin-saturing lotion (a type of protein that gives strands natural strength and elasticity). The serum contains chitosan (a biopolymer responsible for moisturizing). The manufacturer promises 3-5 weeks of gloss.


The main secret of shining from the American Matrix is wheat and soybean sprouts. These are bio-laminating products made of natural ingredients that stimulate hair growth, metabolism and elimination of dandruff caused by dry scalp. The set consists of five units: shampoo, restoring lotion, cream-laminate, activator, straightening cream. As the manufacturer assures, the shine will please 6-7 weeks.


Italian brand Kemon has created its own unique formula with liquid cellulose, avocado oil and bamboo extract. Natural magnesium in its composition produces heat in contact with water and provides a steam bath effect for the complete opening of scales. Time of action 4-6 weeks.

Home bio-lamination products

  • There are special sprays that are applied to clean hair and do not rinse off. But they have a significant disadvantage: they only hold on until the next time you wash your hair.
  • The side effect of biolamination with gelatin masks is the problem of combing out the gelatin-rich collagen. The roots can increase their fat content and the ends of dry hair can be broken down if they cannot bear the weight of the viscous mass.
  • For long-term impact, buy a professional set, which already has all the necessary components for each stage, as well as clear instructions.

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