Eight tail variants with a comb

You don’t have to be a professional stylist to do styling beautifully and correctly – you can do it yourself at home.

High tail. Classic horse tail is a smoothly combed and highly collected hair. The hair brings some carelessness to this hairstyle and emphasizes the face.

With a comb on his face. This way of styling is suitable for creating an elegant evening hairstyle: make a low side tail, twist a few strands, spray the lacquer – and the hairstyle is ready.

With a comb on the top. Can be done at any length, but ideal for long, heavy and thick hair, as it provides the right volume for a long time

With a comb on the back of the head. Layout, which will be appropriate in the office and at the party. Collect hair on the back of the head, and to maintain the desired height, use a small cracker pin, attaching it under the elastic band.

Volumetric horse tail. A little trick to make your hairstyle more luxuriant: collect it from two vertically arranged tails and fix it from above invisibly.

Woven. Another smart option. It is possible to weave the braids under the hair or on the sides of the braids, which will become part of the tail.

A combed tail with a scythe. A hairstyle similar to the previous one, but the braid is woven from the strands of the tail. There are no restrictions – it can be a classic braid, and “fish tail”, and “spike”. Spits look especially spectacular on long hair.

Careless tail. Perfect for everyday look. To achieve carelessness, dry the hair dryer with a hairdryer, raising your fingertips instead of a comb. Then ruffle a little more and do your hair following a proven pattern.

Jewellery and accessories and recommendations: how to make the image brighter

Beautiful, neat styling with a comb looks stylish in itself, but if you want it can be supplemented with invisible stones and strasses, carved combs, ribbons, and hair on short hair to fix bright hairpins.

Everything depends on the general image and relevance of such accessories. Most often enough original rubber band, fixing the tail and at the same time making the hair brighter.

Recommendations for the successful creation of hairstyles

Before you start paving, be aware of a few nuances that will determine how successful the result will be:

  • Do not use combs with metal teeth to avoid damaging the hair structure.
  • Choose brushes with frequent teeth, so that the volume is bigger and faster.
  • You can only do your hair on dry strands.
  • Avoid sudden movements and jerks and work smoothly and gently on the hair.
  • Use a varnish to ensure that the paver is securely fixed for a long time.
  • If you prewash your hair with air conditioning, brushing is much easier.
  • This styling is not recommended for hair that is weak, sliced or brittle.
  • If there is an active loss of hair during combing, it is better to abandon this idea and treat the hair shaft first.
  • By means of tests and experiments you will quickly find the type of hairstyle that suits you, and will be able to modify it to suit the situation and mood.

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